Updates concerning recent projects!

Even though WestAros Productions aren’t currently attached to any projects at the moment, recent productions are of course moving forward in their pre-, shooting- or postproduction-phases. Here’s a little update:

The Fjällbacka Murders” (2012)

Photo/logo: Tre Vänner AB

WestAros Productions spent seven weeks scouting locations along the beautiful west coast of Sweden during the spring of 2011. I understand that production is moving forward and right now they’re shooting the fifth film. “They” being the production company Tre Vänner. The first film is set to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray and/or aired on TV (SVT in Sweden) sometime during this holiday season (christmas).

The first film is called “Havet ger, havet tar” and is directed by Marcus Olsson (Academy Award nominee).

The second film is called “Strandriddaren” and is directed by Richard Petrelius. He’s also directing the third film.

Richard Holm (“Beyond the Border“, “Johan Falk 2009″, “Johan Falk 2012” m.m.) directed the fourth one, and I have no idea yet who helms the current fifth. EDIT: The lovely script supervisor Anna Ödman just informed me that Jörgen Bergmark is in the directors chair for the current number five film. Thanks Anna ;-)

The original idea was to shoot ten films for TV and DVD/Blu-Ray, and additionally two films set to premiere at the cinema. That makes it twelve, all in all. I think that’s still the plan.

The shooting of the first theatrical release “The Hidden Child” (original title: “Tyskungen”) is scheduled to begin this fall and is set for a theatrical release about a year later or so.

Official synopsis from the book “The Hidden Child” (2007) written by Camilla Läckberg.

Worldwide bestseller Camilla Lackberg weaves together another brilliant contemporary psychological thriller with the chilling struggle of a young woman facing the darkest chapter of Europe’s past…

Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover a Nazi medal among her late mother’s possessions. Haunted by a childhood of neglect, she resolves to dig deep into her family’s past and finally uncover the reasons why.

Her enquiries lead her to the home of a retired history teacher. He was among her mother’s circle of friends during the Second World War but her questions are met with bizarre and evasive answers. Two days later he meets a violent death. Detective Patrik Hedström, Erica’s husband, is on paternity leave but soon becomes embroiled in the murder investigation. Who would kill so ruthlessly to bury secrets so old?

Reluctantly Erica must read her mother’s wartime diaries. But within the pages is a painful revelation about Erica’s past. Could what little knowledge she has be enough to endanger her husband and newborn baby? The dark past is coming to light, and no one will escape the truth of how they came to be…

Source: Fantastic Fiction

Marie Krøyer” (2012)

Hmm, no news about this one. WestAros Productions was hired as art department assistant. If you missed the link to the promo trailer – go back to this blog post >>>

Synopsis from Svensk Filmindustri:

Internationally acclaimed Director Bille August takes on the story of the beautiful Marie Krøyer, wife of famous painter P.S. Krøyer who falls in love with Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén. The full-length feature is set in the beautiful setting of Skagen, famous for its exceptional light and scenery, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Marie Krøyer was married to the great, Danish painter P.S. Krøyer. At the peak of their marriage, very much marked by easy living and high social status, Krøyer’s mental illness is getting more severe and their dream of sharing a life as artists is crumbling and turning to frustration and sorrow.

For Marie, it is the frustration of being torn between her roles of wife, mother and artist; of not being able to express herself through her art, and the sorrow of seeing her beloved husband slowly changing and slipping further into insanity. To get some peace and regain strength, mother and daughter take a vacation where Marie meets and falls head over heels in love with Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén. Marie boldly leaves her husband for her new love, knowing only little of the world-shattering choices that lie ahead of her.

Den bleka sanningen” (2012)

I don’t have any updates about this one either, unfortunately. WestAros Productions carried out professional production assistance during a couple of days of the shooting that was set around Västerås. To refresh your memory – check out this blog post >>>

Faro” (2012)

Photo: Bob Film Sweden AB

The new film by director FredrikThe GirlEdfeldt will probably open in Swedish cinemas before the end of 2012. No confirmation, though. WestAros Productions’ functioned as art department assistant during this production.

Official (I think) synopsis:

In order to escape a prison sentence, a man makes a desperate run into the forest along with his daughter. There they get to spend one final summer of freedom together.

Monica Z” (2013)

Stella Nova Film – the production company – hired WestAros Productions for location scouting during fall/winter 2011/2012. The film is currently shooting scenes in New York City before returning to Sweden and the Film i Väst-region. Exterior and interior shots as well as studio shooting are scheduled before cast and crew arrives in Stockholm for additional and final scenes.

Spökskeppet Vallona” (2013?)

I think this one is “on hold” for a moment. The production manager, that hired WestAros Productions to scout locations on the Swedish west coast last fall, is no longer attached to the project and the producer doesn’t respond to e-mails with questions about it. The plan back then was to start shooting in April 2012 – that hasn’t happened.

Mig äger ingen” (2013)

Well, this one is finally on the move! WestAros Productions has followed this project since the film rights were sold back in 2008. I’ve scouted the original locations, from the book, in my native Västerås, guided the producer and director through these locations and performed the best of my availability to find similar locations here in and around Trollhättan. WestAros Productions are no longer attached to this project.

Shooting is preliminary set to commence in September 2012 and will most likely take place in and around the Film i Väst-region as well as studio shooting in Luleå. One thing’s sad and sure, no filming will be done in the city that the novel (of which the script is adapted from) is set in – Västerås. Everybody involved wanted to be able to shoot at least some of it in Västerås, but the politicians in City Hall made it impossible when they couldn’t do what Trollhättan/Vänersborg/Göteborg/Luleå/Ystad/Örebro and others do, in order to make film production a reality in their region – and pay for it.

If you’re interested to read more about this business, click here and browse away (it’s in Swedish, though).

Torkel & Morteza: The Filmen” (2013)

Ah, yes, here’s a two hour old status update from “The Filmens” Facebook-sida (roughly translated by me):

A lot of things are happening right now. But everything’s going as planned. Within the next few weeks we’ll be posting video clips, shooting plans and other things including EXACTLY when “The Filmen” will open on cinemas…

Best updates are received by following the blog (in Swedish).

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