Copenhagen pickup for “Victoria” (2013)

WestAros Productions was hired for a simple one-day assignment yesterday (yes, WA Prod happily accept short and instant assignments as well, depending on availability of course).

One of the Norwegian actors starring in Torun Lian‘s new film “Victoria” attended an audition in Copenhagen and was later committed to on-set duties in Swedish Dalsland during that same afternoon. Unfortunately “Victoria”‘s contracted runner was unavailable for this route. Fortunately the production management and WestAros Productions share professional co-work experiences so they knew how to solve the problem – by calling +46 73 975 97 95 or mailing

SF International writes about “Victoria”:

Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun‘s immortal novel “Victoria” from 1898 is the original love story about young love, class differences, success against all odds, costumes, glorious settings and heartbreaking tragedy.

Iben Akerlie starring as Victoria. Photo: SF International

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